HAREM PANTS Unisex Peacock Feather High Cut Men & Women

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The Softest Most Comfortable Harem Pants Around!

Perfect for lazy days at home, doing yoga/pilates or dancing at the next great music festival.

They're so comfortable & light, you'll be barely able to tell you're wearing anything.

Vibrant Colors & Patterns

The colors on these pants pop! You'll certainly stand out from the crowd in these unique pants.

Ethically Manufactured in Northern Thailand

Our pants are made ethically in Nothern Thailand, by small teams of seamstresses. They're paid per pair they sew, allowing them the financial freedom to work for themselves and support their families & community. We pride ourselves on this.

Elasticated Stetchy Waist for Maximum Comfort

Stechy elastic waist allows these pants to fit snug & comfortable for many waist sizes. They can stretch for waist sizes between 24" and up to 36". For those above 36" or who prefer a looser fit, we'll have some larger sizes coming to Amazon shortly.

Gender Neutral

The Harem Pants are great for Men & Women.

Be warned, because these are so comfortable, your significant other will steal these from you!


- Waist: 24" to 36"
- Hips: up to 44"
- Inseam: 28"
- Length: 40"

Garment Care

Because they're made from the softest delicate premium Thai Rayon, hand washing is highly recommended to ensure their longevity.

If hand washing is not your thing, it's best if you machine wash on gentle setting in cold water & hang dry.

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  • Super Soft, Breathable, Premium Thai Rayon
  • Comfortable & Stylish
  • Perfect for indoor and outdoor exercise (yoga, pilates, zumba, etc.)
  • Waist: 24" to 36". Hips: up to 44". Inseam: 28". Length 40"
  • Soft Stretchy Elasticated Waistband and Ankles

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